'Raining Cats and Dogs' joins Little Black Rammbook!


Welcome! Thanks for coming by.  This site helps you understand more about Till Lindemann's lyrics and all things German.  It's been put together by a passionate Rammfan, who also wants to help non-German speakers understand more about the beautiful rhyme of the language used in Lindemann's songs and poems.


It's been 4 years since I wrote Little Black Rammbook, which has been a great success and sold over 500 copies worldwide.  Fans of the German language might be interested in my new book, Raining Cats and Dogs, which will help you understand more of all things German.  There is also a French version.

Do get in touch if you've any comments to add, and please go to Amazon and review my new book - just click on the cover to get to the site.

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Latest update:  listen to Haifisch with accompanying English translation!  Download file, or play on Youtube



Our goal is to give the world an educated insight into contemporary German literature and poetry, so fans can appreciate Rammstein's music at a whole different level.


"What a great tribute to the band, to finally get a decent translation of their lyrics by someone who knows their stuff, but puts it in an easy way to understand." -- Schumacher7, Amazon 5* reviewer

"This book helps tremendously as I don't speak or understand a word of German and it helps me to understand their music and the passion they feel through it." -- Suzy Ellis, New York