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RammTalk 20: Let's change the subject

Posted by Jackie White on Sunday, September 23, 2012, In : German language 
English is a flexible language; lazy even.  We throw sentences together in a pick n' mix fashion, so 'I see the man', or 'the man is seen by me,' or even 'I  went for a walk with the man.'  In essence, the man seems to know his place and obediently follows us as we dot him around a sentence, and we don't give a second thought to that little word 'the', as it stays the same wherever we put it.

And yet, we don't say 'I see he' or 'he sees I', or even 'the man is seen by I', as we instinctively k...
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RammTalk 19: A question of class, innit?

Posted by Jackie White on Sunday, September 2, 2012, In : German language 
The words you use (terminology) and how you say them (pronunciation) give away either the class you are, or, in the case of those taking elocution lessons, the class you want to be.  You may think this stuff was all firmly consigned to the past, but an interesting book, Watching the English (by Kate Fox) reveals it to be alive and kicking in our linguistic present.

Upper classes like to think their way of speaking is correct, as lower classes swallow their t's and drop their h's (with to wiv; ...
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