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RammTalk 16: A Translator's Torment

Posted by Jackie White on Sunday, June 17, 2012, In : Lyric translation 
No translator will ever be satisfied with words they've hand chiseled on the Bianco marble of the blank A4 page.  They beat themselves up in a literal sense, hurling words around the room before committing to print, then use that little-known weapon of mass interpretation (the backspace key) to eradicate any imperfection in tense or word order.  The whole process takes double the time it did to write the original, as you weave back and forth 'twixt the German and English (to the point you que...
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RammTalk 5: Mothers On The Brink

Posted by Jackie White on Sunday, February 19, 2012, In : Lyric translation 
I was rather surprised to hear this week that 'mothers are on the brink', due to recession, kids, failing careers etc.  I misread the title as 'mothers on the drink', and went off to find something alcoholic to drown my so-called sorrows in support of the sisterhood.

 If only they'd read the plight of another Mother, the one in Till Lindemann's song Mutter, then they'd surely have something to worry about.  Not for him a caring, nurturing figure but a damnation and curse on the whole of mother...
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