A friend of mine has come up with a novel way to combine his business (cars) with his passion (guitars.)  Whilst I readily abandoned my suburban heritage to trade and travel, Gary Bond set up his car workshop in the down-town metropolis of Kingswood, Bristol, and quietly amassed over 30 years one of the largest collections of guitars in south-west England. When the building next to his garage came up for sell, he bought it, and now displays over 200 guitars that are not only for sale, but also there to be picked up, strummed and strings caressed over a coffee as you wait for your four wheels to have an MOT or service.... How cool is that?   See his site  http://www.bond-motor-services.co.uk/.

So what does this have to do with our beloved Rammstein?  Just that, like Cars & Guitars, Lindemann's lyrics often unite two things you would not normally associate one with  the other:  in Haifisch, it's a shark, the feared man killer, whose lonely tears provided salt to the sea; in Mein Herz Brennt (My Heart Burns) there is no joy for the child peeking out from his bedcover, as the dreaded Sandman is lurking in the room, and in Pussy, well, Till just can't seem to 'get no satisfaction' in his home country, which he cleverly declares at full volume in English just so we'd all understand.

Sometimes when you put things together that don't appear to belong you create a unique world that has to be viewed in a different way - Lindemann is the observer, passing comment on juxtaposing human relationships, putting one odd behaviour with another and challenging our preconceptions, just like Gary puts a guitar next to a car.  And that's how, dear Rammfan, cars, guitars and literary stars come together to make this world a far more interesting place.