This is the title of a fascinating article by the poet Robert Ely.  In short, he describes how we all drag round an invisible bag, and in it we put the parts of ourselves we don't like.  This is our shadow, the dark side.  It's like Jekyll and Hyde - the respectable Doctor on the outside hides the rampant beast on the inside.  As we get older, we continue with the bag stuffing, which depletes our very life force.  If we're angry, it goes in the bag.  Disappointment, envy, greed, lust, they all get thrown in.  We are desperate to remain in control, to look calm and benevolent from the outside.Then, when we least expect it, the beast gets out, and our dark side is projected to both ourselves and the outside world.  As well as individual shadow bags, every nation has one, and different cultures fill the bag with different contents.  Perhaps it's our spontaneity, sexuality, warmongering, intolerance of others.

When people ask me why someone like me would like Rammstein, then this is my answer.  I feel they help us look to our shadows and learn that we're not perfect, we all have a dark side - sometimes it's playful, sometimes destructive.  Rammstein are not afraid to write songs on childhood anxiety, sadomasochism, depravity and general human malaise - in fact, they delight in letting Schroedinger's half-dead cat out of the bag!

And maybe - just maybe, by revealing the dark side of human nature, we get to understand ourselves and our nations better.  Perhaps Schroedinger's cat is very much half alive after all.