Taking a brief pause from the excellent editorial by Alexander Gorkow in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (South Germany's newspaper, and yes, dear fans, I'm translating as fast as I can!), I am (dis)gruntled enough to want to throw the gauntlet down to Rammstein:  why now miss a golden opportunity to reach a wider English-speaking audience with a quality editorial that has taken weeks to assemble?

How often does any journalist get to reveal the inner sanctum of the band's psyche, yet alone one who knows the band well enough to be brutal and honest with his musings?  Take, for example, his opening gambit:  "Gorkow remembers many, many hours spent with pensive, musical and, at heart, totally belligerent anarchists."  Combined with Andreas Muehe's arthouse photography, we have a well constructed masterpiece of contemporary German literary realism in our eager hands.

Richard Kruspe himself states later in the article:  "America was always the dream.  America's always been my own personal dream.  I feel better (healthier) in New York than in Berlin.  Berlin drags me down; New York lifts me up."

My question to Richard, the band, the band's management, is - how do you expect to conquer America completely when they can't understand a frigging word you're saying?  Would it not be better to explain yourselves through the eyes of an English speaker you trust so you can ensure interpretation of your art form remains pure and true to its cause?  I've seen early translations by well meaning fans of the Gorkow article, and they're not good.  Who is also going to explain to them that the headline titles in the SZ paper were cleverly written as the titles of Rammstein's songs in a subtle German wordplay that would be completely missed by those unable to comprehend it?

By all means, chase the American Dream, but don't slam doors in fans' faces when trying to open their hearts and minds to new musical and emotional heights:  language and their mother tongue are key to this transition.  To quote your own lines from Sonne:  " We are waiting for the light; have no fear it'll be alright." 

They could be in for a long wait.