Sad news that Gert Hof, who was so influential to both Till Lindemann personally and Rammstein professionally, has died in the prime of his life.  Till has already written a tribute poem to his friend,mentor, collaborator, who was there at the beginning to literally inject fire into the belly of Rammstein's stage performances.

I did not know Gert, but knew of his great influence.  I'd only recently sent him a copy of The Little Black Rammbook to see if he thought my translations of Till's lyrics were up to the mark.  Guess I'll never know the answer to that one, but had hoped to meet him one day to discuss.

For my own tribute, I will translate Gert Hof's preface to Messer, in which he explains the rationale behind their joint venture, and let his wise words speak for themselves.

Gert Hof - we salute you!