The wait is over.  Rammstein didn't just enter London, they invaded it, taking us as willing hostages in an ambush of flame and fury.  James Bond himself would have fully combusted crossing the Millennium Dome's rooftop had he still been chasing evading villains in The World Is Not Enough.  Converting the building to the O2 Arena must have included a flame-retardant contract clause restricting the use of Teutonic incendiary devices when Gerbier signed (or singed) the dotted line (hopefully wearing scorch-proof gloves.)  A Frenchman protecting Anglo Saxons from Germans with flame throwers hell bent on fury? Well, there's a first!

Opening with Sonne (Sunshine) we heard the power of the German language delivering something as straightforward as a child singing one, two, three-four-five (then I caught a fish alive) as an EINS, ZWEI, DREI (I don't care if you live or die!) medley, catapulting our eardrums upwards through the rafters (to the surprise of a by now tone deaf 007 with missing eyebrows, who had mistakenly placed his ear to the tiles to better hear the music and pyrotechnics.)

The band then delivered a polished performance of the 'best of' tracks, even having time to get up to their usual mischief-making, and not holding anything, ahem, back from their adoring audience.  Lindemann's voice still has the power of the Vincent Price voice-over on Michael Jackson's Thriller track:  as soon as you hear it, your hairs stick up on the back of your neck and if anyone tapped you on the shoulder.... Quickly frisking neighbouring Rammfans for deadly weapons, you calm down again, only for Mein Herz Brennt (My Heart Burns) to begin and the Price-esque words "Now, dearest children, listen in, I am the voice heard from your pillow...." You already know Lindemann's Sandman joy doth not bring, but are equally transfixed to peek from under the bedclothes and catch the culprit at his evil best.

Rammstein used the O2 stage as a fireplace to  set kindle alight with burning lyrics for an epic performance - our German friends, we thank you from the cavern of our burned out hearts.