It's not often I feel strongly enough to write a letter to the Editor of a paper (yet alone the London Evening Standard) but my boiling blood on reading Sebastian Shakespeare's recent dismissal of self publishers could have been scooped up by Till Lindemann himself and added to the pot of gently simmering assorted body parts in Mein Teil.

So I put spare rib to paper and carved a reply on an overhanging skin parchment to make sure my point was heard.  This is what I wrote:
"Sebastian Shakespeare’s literary dismissal of the recent self publishing trend missed a key point:  many niche or minority interest books would never see the light of day. The publishing fraternity has no interest, being too busy chasing the next blockbuster, so how would these well researched, hidden gems ever get noticed?  Anyone using the self publish route knows how tortuous and time consuming the process is, yet non fiction writers stick with it to impart a specialist interest subject to a wider audience.  In my case, this was a request from Rammstein fans to use my knowledge of German to provide meaningful translations of their lyrics.  It is better to have free choice:  let the reader decide!  Such books could not otherwise exist, due to a complete lack of publishing options."