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RammTalk 17: I no understand you

Posted by Jackie White on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, In : General comment 
Taking a brief pause from the excellent editorial by Alexander Gorkow in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (South Germany's newspaper, and yes, dear fans, I'm translating as fast as I can!), I am (dis)gruntled enough to want to throw the gauntlet down to Rammstein:  why now miss a golden opportunity to reach a wider English-speaking audience with a quality editorial that has taken weeks to assemble?

How often does any journalist get to reveal the inner sanctum of the band's psyche, yet alone one who kn...
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RammTalk 2: Gert Hof, we salute you!

Posted by Jackie White on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, In : General comment 
Sad news that Gert Hof, who was so influential to both Till Lindemann personally and Rammstein professionally, has died in the prime of his life.  Till has already written a tribute poem to his friend,mentor, collaborator, who was there at the beginning to literally inject fire into the belly of Rammstein's stage performances.

I did not know Gert, but knew of his great influence.  I'd only recently sent him a copy of The Little Black Rammbook to see if he thought my translations of Till's lyri...
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RammTalk 1: Log the Blog

Posted by Jackie White on Saturday, January 28, 2012, In : General comment 
Conversation with my sister that put the idea in my mind to write a book:

"Who are Rammstein?"   --    "They're an industrial metal band."

"What's that?"  --  "It's heavy rock with a techno-industrial feel to it."

"What language do they sing in?"  --  "German."

"So how do people understand them?"  --  "They don't.  They relate to the beat, the deep resonance of the lead singer's voice and the pyrotechnic stage show."

Pause.  "So you're telling me, I'm going to see a band, singing in a language I d...
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